Institutional 1984

Institutional Award: WFMT Radio and Raymond Nordstrand for Fine Arts Radio Programming

WFMT Radio, Raymond Nordstrand

If Ray Nordstrand has had a guiding principle for managing WFMT, Chicago’s—and now the nation’s and the world’s—fine music station, it would probably be “respect for the listener.” Under his skilled guidance the station has grown from a small fine arts station into a major superstation broadcasting classical music, folk music, poetry, drama, humor and lively discussion. From newly constructed, state-of-the-art studios WFMT broadcasts weekly concerts which are eagerly awaited by listeners in the United States, in Canada, and in 21 other countries. Cable distribution brings music in high fidelity stereo to homes where this type of music is never otherwise available over the air. Thus, WFMT has become a truly international radio station and Ray Nordstrand has become “Mr. WFMT.” For such outstanding contributions to radio and to excellence in programming, a Peabody to WFMT and Ray Nordstrand.