Institutional 1963

Institutional Award: Edward R. Murrow and Voice of America for Radio Contribution to International Understanding

Voice of America, Edward R. Murrow

Voice Of America, the broadcast service of the U.S. Information Agency, broadcasts 794 program hours per week in 37 languages, everywhere in the world, to peoples of vastly different histories, interests, and ideals, on differing levels of comprehension. As its guide, Voice Of America follows the purpose so well articulated by its dedicated former director, Edward R. Murrow: “If challenge be our charge, then let boldness be our guide. And if the spotlight of history is focused on this land, let us say with pride that when free ideas were under assault, we took our stand on the side of truth.” Voice Of America has contributed to deepened international understanding by giving the world the truth, and in recognition, is presented the Peabody Radio Award for international understanding, 1963.