Institutional 2008

Institutional Award: Turner Classic Movies

Turner Entertainment Networks

From television’s earliest days, when movies filled countless late-night hours and weekend afternoons, to the present, when high-definition screens and “home theatre” surround sound enhances the excitement, the melding of film and television has been a marvelous experience. Turner Classic Movies (TCM) expands and enhances this long tradition. Not only is the channel the premier site for uninterrupted screenings of classic films, it is also a producer of original programming, from biographies of industry figures to thematic cinema history. Festivals spotlight specific topics, and all the various features are extended in magazines, with a website, and with databases and blogs. At the core of these efforts is TCM’s commitment to film preservation and restoration. For a continuing, powerful commitment to a central concept—the place of film in social and cultural experience—an Institutional Peabody Award is presented to Turner Classic Movies.


President, Turner Entertainment Networks: Steve Koonin. TCM Host: Robert Osborne. TCM Weekend Host: Ben Mankiewicz. Senior vice president, programming, TCM: Charles Tabesh. Chief marketing officer, TBS, TNT, TCM: Jeff Gregor. Executive vice president/Head of programming, TNT, TBS, TCM: Michael Wright. Vice president, TCM Originals: Tom Brown. Senior vice president of branding and business development, Turner Entertainment Networks: Jennifer Dorian. Senior vice president of digital marketing and brand development, TBS, TNT, TCM: Molly Battin. Director of brand development, TCM: Genevieve McGillicuddy. Vice president, TCM on-air: Pola Changnon. Vice president, TCM digital: Richard Steiner. Senior director of public relations: Gina McKenzie.