Institutional 1982

Institutional Award: Metropolitan, Texaco, Inc., and the Texaco Foundation for Their Commitment to Both Radio and Television Presentations of Great Opera

Texaco, Inc., Texaco Foundation, Metropolitan Opera Association

The continued commitment of Texaco, Inc., The Texaco Foundation, and The Metropolitan Opera Association to broadcasts of the opera on radio and television is truly worthy of Peabody recognition. In radio, these broadcasts represent a tradition spanning more than four decades. In television, there has, likewise, been a strong commitment. The radio network has been expanded such that now the opera may be heard throughout the United State, Puerto Rico, and Canada, and the technical quality has been refined to bring the broadcasts into the home in high fidelity stereo. The Texaco-Metropolitan Opera programs on radio continue their tradition of informative intermission features, intelligent narration, and outstanding musical quality. The television productions of the opera have, likewise, been characterized by continuing excellence and a real dedication to give the viewer a rich and rewarding experience. For such outstanding service over so long a period, a Peabody Award.