Institutional 1962

Institutional Award: Television Information Office and National Association of Broadcasters, for a study resulting in the book “For the Young Viewer:Television Programming for Children…at the Local Level.”

Television Information Office (TIO), National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)

To TIO and NAB, for their study which resulted in the book For the Young Viewer: Television Programming for Children at the Local Level (McGraw-Hill), an interpretative compilation of 425 children’s programs created by 223 television stations for 146 American communities. Programs are reported, evaluated, and related to known principles of child development. Steering the published results between the obvious and the obscure, and making this study of practical value to broadcasters, parents, creators of programs, and educators were Dr. Ralph Garry of Boston University, Dr. F.B. Rainsberry of the Canadian Broadcasting Company, and Dr. Charles Winick of Columbia University who, along with NAB President, LeRoy Collins, TIO Chairman, Clair McCollough, other TIO officers, and the participants in this study are hereby recognized with a George Foster Peabody Special Award.