Institutional 1973

Institutional Award: NBC Television for “The Borrowers” (Hallmark Hall of Fame) and “Street of the Flower Boxes” (NBC Children’s Theatre)

NBC Television

To NBC Television, a Peabody Award for meritorious achievement in the area of youth and children’s television programming, especially for its presentation of two important contributions. Street of Flower Boxes and The Borrowers. Street of Flower Boxes was a program which was both entertaining and educational, utilizing a predominantly non-professional cast to portray a true-to-life story. It was beautifully directed and the result was a driving but affectionate look at what really can be done to make positive changes in our society when someone really cares. The Borrowers was a delightful blend of an excellent story, original music, innovative set design and production, which, when combined with an outstanding cast resulted in a quality television program for children of all ages. For these contributions to children’s television, a Peabody Award to NBC Television.