Institutional 1951

Institutional Award: KPOJ Radio,“Careers Unlimited” and “Civic Theatre on the Air,” for Meritorious Local Public Service by Radio

KPOJ Radio

Through various carefully conceived and well-executed programs, KPOJ has served its community well during 1951. One of those programs, Careers Unlimited, in cooperation with the Portland Public Schools, the Exchange Club, and the Oregon State Employment Service, has done much by way of finding work for teenagers, guiding them in useful life careers, and in interesting employers in the availability of these young people. Indicative of the high quality and social usefulness of this particular program is the fact that for two years it has been rebroadcast weekly over KPBS, the school-owned station in Portland. Another instance of good local public service is this station’s Civic Theatre on the Air, designed to increase community interest in Portland’s Civic Theatre, a non-profit organization using amateur talent. With a nod to Careers Unlimited, Civic Theatre on the Air, and similar worthwhile enterprises, the George Foster Peabody Radio Award for meritorious public service by radio is hereby presented to KPOJ, (Mutual), Portland, Oregon.