Institutional 1981

Institutional Award: KATU-TV for a Series of Significant Television Documentaries


KATU-TV, with an excellent news staff, has not limited its documentary inquiries into purely local matters but has sought to determine such things as whether the Army and Air Force National Guard units in Oregon are ready for service and how the citizens of Southern Italy picked up the pieces and began to start over again after a massive earthquake which devastated that region. In moving beyond the boundaries of their home city to state, national and even international matters, the station has demonstrated that it has an outstanding news operation. The Peabody Board has singled out three quality documentary efforts for special mention: Ready on the Firing Line, Out of the Ashes, and To Begin Again. For the excellence of its news department in showing courage, taste, and craftsmanship in such a series of fine documentaries, a Peabody Award goes to KATU-TV.