Institutional 2008

Institutional Award: Hearst-Argyle Television: Commitment 2008

Hearst-Argyle Television

Formed in 1997 with the merger of Hearst Broadcasting and Argyle Television, Inc., this group now owns 26 television stations that collectively reach more than 18 percent of the U.S. population. With this substantial audience, it is all the more significant that the Commitment 2008 project focused primarily on issues, topics, candidates and contests in local communities. In the 30 days before the 2008 elections, Hearst-Argyle stations aired at least 10 minutes per day of candidate coverage. The Heart-Argyle Washington Bureau provided coverage of national events—debates, primaries, caucuses and campaign practices. For setting a standard of excellence in the use of its resources, Hearst-Argyle Television receives a Peabody Award for Commitment 2008.


President and CEO: David Barrett. Senior vice president, news (retired): Fred Young. Vice president, news: Candy Altman, Brian Bracco, Barb Maushard. Washington Bureau: Wendy Wilk, Erin McManamon. News directors: Justin Antoniotti (WYFF, Greenville, SC), Bruce Barkley (WAPT, Jackson, MS), Sherrie Brown (KMBC, Kansas City, MO), Dave Busiek (KCCI, Des Moines, IA), Michelle Butt, (WBAL, Baltimore, MD), Mike Courington, (KHBS-KHOG, Fort Smith, AR), Stephanie Croswait (KOCO, Oklahoma City, OK), Lawton Dodd (KSBW, Monterey, CA), Brennan Donnellan (WLWT Cincinnati, OH), Kyle Grimes (WPBF, West Pam Beach, FL), Barry Klaus (WXII Winston-Salem, NC), Bob Longo (WESH, Orlando, FL and WTAE, Pittsburgh, PA), George Matz (WMTW, Portland, ME), Alisha McDevitt (WMUR, Manchester, NH), Mike Neelly (WLKY, Louisville, KY), Dan O’Donnell (WGAL, Lancaster, PA), Tod Pritchard (KITV, Honolulu, HI), Sinan Sadar (WPTZ, Plattsburgh, NY), Rose Ann Shannon (KETV, Omaha, NE), Jonathan Shelley (WDSU, New Orleans, LA), Suzanne Stephens (KOAT, Albuquerque, NM), Andrew Vrees (WCVB, Boston, MA), Lori Waldon (WISN, Milwaukee, WI), Anzio Williams (KCRA, Sacramento, CA).