Institutional 1987

Institutional Award: CBS Television and Hallmark Hall of Fame

Hallmark Hall of Fame, CBS-TV

The name Hallmark Hall of Fame has come to symbolize excellence of the highest order in the presentation of dramatic programs on television—in this case CBS Television. First recognized with a Peabody in 1957, Hallmark is singled out this time as an acknowledgement of the continuing excellence of this landmark series which brings the highest quality drama to the American public. The Board wishes to give special public recognition to two programs which signify the kind of excellence for which the award is given: Foxfire and Pack of Lies. Foxfire produced by Marian Rees Associates, with Dorothea Petrie as producer, starred Jessica Tandy, Hume Crown and John Denver. Pack of Lies starring Ellen Burstyn, Teri Garr and Alan Bates was directed by Anthony Page and produced by Robert Halmi. For overall excellence a joint Peabody Award to Hallmark Hall of Fame and CBS Television.