Institutional 1993

Institutional Award: The Discovery Networks

Discovery Networks

Some years ago, John S. Hendricks had a vision of using cable television to inform and educate. Since then, the promise of cable as a source of enlightenment has largely been unfulfilled. But Mr. Hendricks never lost sight of the potential for cable to enrich and enhance the lives of its viewers. Through The Discovery Networks (The Discovery Channel and the Learning Channel) and its varied educational initiatives, educators and students now have unprecedented access to timely educational materials. The Discovery Networks permit teachers to tape programs off-air and use them free for two years. In addition, The Discovery Networks produce unique educator’s guides, make available a library of interactive video discs, and preside over The Educator Network, a team of teacher-trainers who conduct free workshops to integrate television into classrooms. For providing outstanding public service, and for realizing the potential of cable television, a Peabody to The Discovery Networks.