Institutional 1991

Institutional Award: Caedmon Audio for a Distinguished and Unmatched Record of Preserving Our Rich Oral Tradition in Poetry, Drama, and Spoken-word Performance

Caedmon Audio

For forty years Caedmon Audio has been the leading producer of spoken-word recordings, from Dylan Thomas reading A Child’s Christmas in Wales (1952) to Kenneth Branagh reading the latest Dick Francis’ mystery (1991). Caedmon recordings include 34 Shakespeare plays, T.S. Eliot and Edith Sitwell reading their poems, and hundreds of fairy tales and classic children’s stories, read by prominent actors. Caedmon recordings are exceptional for their purity and faithfulness to sources; the very definition of artistic integrity. Caedmon was founded by Marianne Mantell and Barbara Holdridge with a passionate devotion to literature and the conviction that there is a market for the spoken word read by great authors and performers. HarperAudio, a Division of HarperCollins, continues this commitment. For a long and continuing tradition of excellence in spoken word recording a 1991 Peabody to Caedmon Audio.