Institutional 1992

Institutional Award: C-SPAN


For more than a decade, C-SPAN has brought the day-to-day workings of Congress into millions of American homes. The network boasts no fancy production or highly-paid anchors, yet it enables viewers to watch government at work and interpret political events for themselves. Indeed, its very simplicity is revolutionary. Whether it is coverage of the U.S. House of Representatives or Senate, a speech at the National Press Club, a political convention, a local town meeting, or the business of the British Parliament, C-SPAN’s cameras are on and watching from start to finish. The Peabody Board was especially impressed with the cable network’s comprehensive of the 1992 Presidential campaign, beginning in the very early stages and ending with inauguration festivities in Washington following the election of Bill Clinton. Under the inspired and tireless leadership of founder and Chairman Brian P. Lamb, C-SPAN fulfills the promise of television in a democratic society by providing access to information indispensable to an intelligent citizenry. For this ongoing service, C-SPAN is awarded a Peabody.