Winner 2013

Inside Syria’s War

BBC World News America

BBC World News provided vivid, on-the-ground coverage of Syria’s civil war that presented viewers with the undeniable and horrific realities of that conflict. By following both the rebels and government troops, the reporters took you into the heart of the war-ravaged country. Searing images included fresh blood on the floor from a recently discovered massacre outside Homs; children hiding out in a cave, waiting for their mother to return; and civilians screaming and covered with burns from a recent chemical attack. This frank reporting of the unfolding story helped ground the political coverage of the Syrian conflict in the vicious realities that devastated the country. Despite the dangerous conditions the BBC journalists found themselves in, they remained professional and calm, delivering straightforward and sober reporting. For dedicating the necessary resources and risking their lives to give the world an up-close look at the horrors of the Syrian conflict, Inside Syria’s War wins a Peabody.


Executive Producers: Andrew Roy, Paul Danahar, Kate Farrell. Producers: Sarah Halfpenny, Richard Colebourn, Rachel Thompson, Kate Benyon-Tinker, Lana Antaki, Lina Sinjab, Mughira Al Sharif. Correspondents: Ian Pannell, Paul Wood, Lyse Doucet, Jeremy Bowen. Videographers/Editors: Fred Scott, Darren Conway, Phil Goodwin.