Inside Amy Schumer

Jax Media LLC

Showcasing the voluminous comic talents and range of Amy Schumer, Inside Amy Schumer is a sketch show with all sorts of purpose. The fleet-footed Schumer will satirically embody vacuous white privilege in one sketch before pivoting to comically interrogate rape culture, body image norms or sanctimonious savior narratives in the next – and then engage in crisp banter about sexual failures and disappointments in person-on-the-street interviews. She regularly pushes past limits of comfort to mine rarely-explored and taboo territories. Her sketches can crackle with satiric energy, yet she can find just as much humor in a joke about poop, the awkwardness of sexting, or a herpes scare. The common factors are smart, thoughtful humor, and an admirably feminist dedication to challenging and disrupting gendered expectations of women’s behavior. Schumer’s comic voice is remarkably fresh, adding a great deal to television comedy that is otherwise rare or missing. Her profane persona belies a multifaceted comic inquisition of contemporary gender. Her timing and delivery as a comic are matched by the show’s smart scripts and by the timeliness of her material. For offering this smart, inquisitive, irreverent, and important brand of culturally aware humor, Inside Amy Schumer wins a Peabody Award.


Executive Producers: Amy Schumer, Daniel Powell, Jessi Klein. Producers: Steven Ast, Kevin Kane, Ayesha Rokadia, Kim Caramele, Tony Hernandez, Jon Skidmore, Lilly Burns. Director: Ryan McFaul. Writers: Amy Schumer, Jessi Klein, Daniel Powell, Emily Altman, Neil Casey, Jeremy Beiler, Kyle Dunnigan, Kurt Metzger, Christine Nangle. Actor: Amy Schumer. Director of Photography: Jonathan Furmanski. Composer: Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson.