Winner 2009

Independent Lens: Between the Folds

Green Fuse Films, ITVS

The potential of a flat sheet of paper and that of the human mind are the subjects of Between the Folds. An elegantly constructed celebration of the history and process of origami, it is never less than fascinating and often simply wondrous. To watch some of the world’s foremost practitioners of this ancient art turn single sheets of paper into astonishingly detailed, three-dimensional objets d’art—from full-scale alligators to delicate insects, from fairyland tableaus to Picasso-esque abstractions—is to see the very essence of creation, an idea coming to life. Producer Vanessa Gould chose well the representative paper-folders who bring forth these miracles. They all are eloquent, animated illuminators of their work, and along with the computer-graphics and stop-action photography that Gould deftly uses, they help us understand how the intricate works are envisioned, planned and executed. For a beautifully layered demonstration worthy of its subject, Independent Lens: Between the Folds receives a Peabody Award.


Executive Producers: Sally Rosenthal, Sally Jo Fifer. Producer/Director/Writer: Vanessa Gould. Editor: Kristi Barlow. Videographer: Melissa Donovan. Composer: Gil Talmi. Graphics: Todd Sines.