Winner 2009

In Treatment

Leverage, Closest to the Hole Productions and Sheleg in association with HBO Entertainment

HBO’s innovative dramatic series In Treatment moved to New York City and into its own in its powerful second season. The show’s daring, demanding format—half-hour episodes during which the therapist sees patients and then becomes a patient himself—has become as comfortable and addictive as the analyst’s couch. We watch as Dr. Paul Weston, now being sued for malpractice, delves deep in the psyche of his patients. Played with a probing intelligence by a world-weary Gabriel Byrne, Dr. Weston holds our attention and our gaze. And as his therapist, Dr. Gina Toll, Dianne Wiest gives a bravado performance, cutting through Weston’s self-absorbed obsessions. The secret pleasure of In Treatment is that it gives us a voyeuristic look into the mysterious world of psychoanalysis where we can imagine ourselves through the troubles of others. For making the therapy session into smart entertainment through exquisite writing and fine acting, a Peabody Award goes to In Treatment.


Executive Producers: Stephen Levinson, Warren Leight, Paris Barclay, Hagai Levi, Rodrigo Garcia, Mark Wahlberg. Executive Co-Producer: Noa Tishby. Consulting Producer: Joanne Toll. Producers: Sarah Treem, Sarah Lum, Leonard Torgan, Alysse Bezahler. Directors: Paris Barclay, Ryan Fleck, Terry George, Hagai Levi, Norberto Barba, Jean de Segonzac, Joshua Marston, Jim McKay, Alan Taylor, Richard Schiff, Michael Pressman, Courtney Hunt, Warren Leight. Writers: Warren Leight, Jacquelyn Reingold, Keith Bunin, Sarah Treem, Pat Healy, Marsha Norman. Actors: Gabriel Byrne, Hope Davis, Aaron Shaw, Russell Hornsby, Sheri Saum, John Mahoney, Alison Pill, Diane Wiest.