In The Dark: The Path Home

American Public Media

Beginning in 2018, In the Dark‘s second season studied the case of Curtis Flowers, a Mississippi man who stood trial six times for the same murders. At the center of those convictions, as the In the Dark team expertly reveal, is a pattern of racially discriminatory jury selection by prosecutor Doug Evans. In the Dark‘s superb reporting contributed significantly to Flowers’ most recent appeal going all the way to the Supreme Court in 2019, where his 2010 conviction was overturned. The podcast systemically dismantles the case against Flowers, builds the case against Evans, and yet all the while pays careful attention to the people, including Flowers’ family, and the many witnesses who have lived under the shadow of this case for two decades. Baran and Freemark thereby tell the bigger story, of discrimination in the criminal justice system, just as adeptly as the more local story of the lives affected. As sure-footed in exploring Mississippi as it was in exploring Minnesota a season earlier, APM’s In the Dark wins its second Peabody for once again offering a master class in true-crime podcasting and in journalism that matters.


Creators: Madeleine Baran, Samara Freemark. Managing Producer: Samara Freemark. Producer: Natalie Jablonski. Associate Producer: Rehman Tungekar. Additional Production: Chris Julin. Writers: Madeleine Baran, Samara Freemark. Editor-in-Chief: Chris Worthington. Editor: Catherine Winter. Digital Editors: Dave Mann, Andy Kruse. Host and Lead Reporter: Madeleine Baran. Reporters: Parker Yesko, Will Craft. Additional Reporting: Curtis Gilbert, Tom Scheck, Britta Greene. Photography: Ben Depp, Hunter Hart, Greg Kahn. Sound Engineering: Corey Schreppel, Johnny Vince Evans, Eric Romani. Music: Gary Meister, Johnny Vince Evans.