In Plain Sight: Poverty in America

NBC News

With 15 percent of Americans now living below the poverty line, NBC News recognized the urgency of covering what poverty looks like in the U.S. Its year’s worth of reporting on the topic of poverty coincided with the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson’s declaration of “war” on the national scourge. The stories gathered in this collection show us that this war is far from won. Some of these stories profile the collapse of cities like Camden, New Jersey, while other stories follow individuals who are trying to scrape by despite mounting obstacles. The series also looks at larger trends: from how the faces behind the fast food counter are growing older, to how location affects earning potential. NBC News managed to reach a massive and diverse audience by making use of multiple time slots and platforms. Stories aired throughout different parts of the day on NBC’s family of news programs: Nightly News, Today, Rock Center and Dateline. They also took over a 100 additional stories to the web with, drawing over 11 million page views. For this coordinated effort to educate the public about this increasingly important, underreported topic, In Plain Sight: Poverty in America receives a Peabody Award.


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