Hurricane Hugo Aftermath


On the morning of September 22, 1989, Hurricane Hugo roared through the Charleston, South Carolina, area, devastating everything in its path. With radio and television stations off the air and immediate shortages of food, water, and other essentials, the community was in grave danger. Working to repair storm damaged equipment, WCSC-TV engineers got the station back on the air by noon and the station began emergency coverage that saved lives, helped bring order out of chaos, and got the community started on the road to rebuilding. For almost three weeks, the station, along with co-owned AM and FM radio stations, simulcast nothing but commercial-free information. As a result of the station’s efforts on behalf of the community, WCSC-TV was given a commendation by the South Carolina State Senate. For courageous and unselfish dedication to its community in a time of trouble, a Peabody Award to WCSC, Charleston, South Carolina, for Hurricane Hugo Aftermath.