Winner 1992

Hurricane Andrew: As It Happened


August 24, 1992, is a date that will long be remembered by residents of south Florida. When this storm of historic proportions and devastation reached the area, one television station excelled when residents needed it most. WTVJ took a leadership role in providing life-saving information before the hurricane made landfall, continued its excellent reporting during the cataclysmic storm, and became a focal point of relief efforts in the days and months which followed. Led by the tireless work of meteorologist Bryan Norcross, under the leadership of news director Sharon Scott and producers Scott Siebers and L. Dirk Mooth, this coverage was an entire station effort. A documentary about the storm has been released on home video and, to date, nearly 100,000 copies have been sold with all proceeds dedicated to hurricane relief. For combining the best of spot news with a philanthropic relief effort, a Peabody Award to WTVJ for Hurricane Andrew: As It Happened.