Winner 1997

Hello Mr. President

Barraclough Carey Productions, Channel 4, London, England, The History Channel, New York, New York

This international production provides a unique inside account of Lyndon Baines Johnson’s early days as president, which is informed by exceptional dramatic recreations and the use of never-before-heard tapes of telephone conversations. Thrust reluctantly into the role of the most powerful man in the world, Johnson grappled immediately with such major issues as the Kennedy assassination, the civil rights movement, the struggle in Vietnam, and poverty in America. In the deft hands of writer Charles Wheeler (who narrated the British version), executive producer George Carey, producer David C. Taylor and director Philip Day, the real (and often raw) LBJ is revealed. The program presents Johnson’s powers of persuasion, his humor, his statesmanship, as well as his critical moments of frustration and self-doubt. For presenting powerful and dramatic history in an innovative and intimate way, a Peabody to Barraclough Carey Productions, Channel 4, and The History Channel, for Hello Mr. President.