Winner 1990

Heat With John Hockenberry

Murray Street Enterprise, in association with KQED-FM

It is not uncommon to hear one say: “Radio isn’t what it used to be.” Perhaps. But if you are a regular listener to Heat with John Hockenberry, heard nightly for two hours on National Public Radio, your reaction might be “Thank goodness!” Whatever you are looking for on radio is likely to be found, at one time or another, on this program. The Peabody Board was told that “diversity is the program’s hallmark,” and, indeed it seems to be. It would be difficult to find a topic which has not been explored by the award-winning journalist/host who makes the topics come alive and take ona high degree of relevancy. For establishing a benchmark which will be difficult to approach, much less surpass, a Peabody Award to Heat with John Hockenberry, produced by independent Murray Street Enterprise, New York, in association with KQED-FM, San Francisco. The program’s concept was created and developed by Leslie Peters and Steve Rathe.


Executive Producer: Steve Rathe. Producers: R.J. Cutler, Ira Glass, D. Gallers, Ted Bonnitt. Creators: Steve Rathe, Leslie Peters. Directors: Marika Partridge, Eileen Delahunty. Writers: Steve Rathe, Leslie Peters.