Winner 1983

He Makes Me Feel Like Dancin’

NBC Television, Edgar J. Scherick Associates

Children and dancing always seem to make an appealing and a winning combination wherever they are found. When a very talented group under-took to weave together the story of how Jacques d’Amboise – principal dancer with the New York City Ballet – taught children to dance in fourteen New York City area schools the result was sheer magic. This exceptional production takes us from the auditions in the fall through the teaching process and then gives us the pleasure of seeing more than a thousand youngsters perform with the likes of Judy Collins, Kevin Kline, and others at Madison Square Garden. The Board would like to recognize the sizeable contributions of Mr. Scherick; of Scott Rudin, co-executive producer; Emile Ardolino and Judy Kinberg, the exceptionally able co-producers; and, of course, the talented Mr. d’Amboise. For a fun-filled hour, a Peabody to He Makes Me Feel Like Dancin’.