Winner 1982

Ground Zero: Victory Road


There are some things that none of us can ever easily imagine. One such is what would happen if a nuclear explosion occurred in the city where we worked or lived. Producer Chuck Kraemer of WCVB-TV, Boston, decided this was something Bostonians should be thinking about. Using his own considerable talents and abilities, he and director Dick Puttkamer, and their associates produced a chilling, but eminently worthwhile, television experience. In Ground Zero: Victory Road, the lives and eventual deaths of three people are traced in the seconds, minutes, and hours which followed the detonation of a one megaton explosion over a Boston suburb. This kind of program is not easy to watch. It is unsettling. It creates a deep sense of concern and, hopefully, spurs us to work toward eliminating the possibility that it could ever happen-anywhere. For such accomplishment, a Peabody Award to WCVB, Boston, for Ground Zero: Victory Road.