Winner 1993

Good Morning, Miss Toliver

FASE Productions

The Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education (FASE) produced Good Morning, Miss Toliver, a behind-the-scenes classroom revelation of how Kay Toliver and her East Harlem students are setting standards any school would be proud to match. In so doing, this fine producing organization continues its commitment to making television central to improving education in this country. Especially deserving of mention are executive producer Steven R. Heard, senior producer Kathie Heard, supervising producer Jack Dirmann, producer Dave Hendry, and of course, Miss Toliver and her students. As the program vividly demonstrates, Kay Toliver is a person of character and charm, a caring woman who inspires the leaders of tomorrow. For challenging teachers, parents, and students to re-think their educational and personal expectations, a Peabody to FASE productions for Good Morning, Miss Toliver.