Winner 1983

Give Me That Bigtime Religion


For 58 minutes viewers of WBRZ-TV—and later through an adaptation, viewers of PBS—were exposed to an in-depth look at one of this country’s best known television evangelists, Jimmy Swaggart. What they saw may well have been the most comprehensive report on bigtime evangelism ever done by a local televison station. And, what they perceived may well have been colored by their own preconceptions about Jimmy Swaggart. This program is a real credit to the passion for quality that Doug Manship has infused into his associates at WBRZ-TV through the years and what his son, Richard, is continuing to impart in his role as general manager. Credit is due to all who had a part: news director John Spain, executive producer Bob Courtney, producer John Camp, and photographer/ editor Sailor Jackson. A Peabody Award should signify an undertaking of “above and beyond excellence.” This is one which does.