Winner 1990


FASE Productions

Over the years, the Peabody Board has observed children’s television becoming increasingly frenetic and “hi-tech.” Often obscured by this approach is the raw power of the medium to educate by recording the interplay between excellent teachers and their inquisitive and motivated students. Here is the core of this outstanding series which makes mathematics and science at once exciting and important to learn. Acclaimed teacher Jaime Escalante uses his classroom as a springboard to introduce students to leading figures in a range of fields, from agriculture to space travel. For motivating a new generation to study mathematics and science, a Peabody Award to FASE Productions for Futures.


Executive Producer: Steve Heard. Producers: Kathie Heard, Rob Mikuriya, Jaime Escalante. Host: Jaime Escalante. Director: Eric Sherman. Writer: Rob Mikuriya, Steve Heard.