Winner 1998

Frank Lloyd Wright

WETA-TV, Washington, DC, Florentine Films

America’s most renowned architect built a wealth of famous structures, while at the same time, he burned bridges between himself, his family, and his colleagues. Filmmaker Ken Burns and his longtime collaborator, Lynn Novick, masterfully told both sides of this story in their remarkable PBS documentary Frank Lloyd Wright. As Mr. Burns has said, “In the end, you have to forgive his excesses, his ego, his sensitivities, his horrible relations with his kids, and realize, on balance, that here was an extraordinary contribution to history.” Indeed. The three-hour production, in which Ms. Novick received her first co-director credit, brilliantly combined footage of Wright’s masterpieces with vivid dissections of his character. Collaborators on this stellar documentary included co-producer Peter Miller, writer Geoffrey C. Ward, cinematographer Buddy Squires, editor Tricia Reidy, associate editor Sarah Hill, and narrator Edward Herrmann. For this exceptional collaborative effort, a Peabody Award is presented to Florentine Films, in association with WETA-TV, Washington, D.C., for Frank Lloyd Wright.