Winner 1993

Fox Children’s Network: 1993 Public Service Campaign

Churchill Entertainment, Fox Children's Network

Since its inception in 1990, Fox Children’s Network has succeeded in attracting a huge audience of children and young adults with its daily afternoon and Saturday morning schedule. Rather than exploit this viewing group, Fox Children’s Network, in association with Churchill Entertainment, has taken advantage of an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of today’s youth. By focusing on the underlying causes of violence in society including learned anti-social behavior, low self-esteem, and rampant prejudice and racism, this campaign endeavors to influence the lives of younger viewers. By teaching self-acceptance, racial and gender tolerance, sensitivity and love, it succeeds. Especially deserving of merit are Margaret Loesh, president of Fox Children’s Network, Karen M. Barnes, vice-president of programming, and producer Nicky Noxon from Churchill Entertainment for their commitment to this project. For providing a model public service campaign, a Peabody to Fox Children’s Network: 1993 Public Service Campaign.