Winner 1994

Fourways Farm

Case TV for Channel 4

Specifically designed to meet the needs of four-to-six-year olds and their teachers, Fourways Farm is based on the guiding principle that a child’s first experience with science and technology should be enjoyable. Each program tells a story in the life of the farm and its cleverly engaging animal characters as a means of introducing scientific concepts. Instructor’s guides are distributed to schools with other resource material, and teachers are encouraged to record the program for subsequent classroom use. The guides provide questions to ask children before and after the program and present activities that coincide with the learning goals of each episode. The real charm of the show resides in its skillful animation, engaging characterizations and elegant exposition of the key ideas within each episode. For example, the Peabody Board found the program on Birth and Death instructive and compelling viewing for both children and adults. For presenting the world of science to small children in an accessible and entertaining manner, a Peabody to Fourways Farm, a Case TV Production for Channel 4, London, England.