Winner 2013

Fault Lines: Made in Bangladesh

Al Jazeera America

Examining the story behind a factory fire that killed at least 112 people, Fault Lines takes the viewer to Bangladesh to uncover the production practices of retail giants like Wal-Mart and GAP, and how they maintain low prices through human rights abuses. Employing a level of filmmaking that goes beyond what we’ve come to expect from American journalism, Made in Bangladesh gives the viewer a strong sense of what daily life looks like in and around these factories. In addition to providing this context and texture, the piece also masterfully investigates the corporate maneuvering that is known as an “open secret” in the manufacturing industry, showing how corporations turn a blind eye to the subcontractors who use child labor and violate the policies the companies claim to uphold. The report masterfully weaves together footage of the working conditions in Bangladesh with a thorough investigation of corporate misbehavior. Made in Bangladesh wins a Peabody Award for presenting a holistic picture of exploitation that spans continents and has implications that indict corporations, contractors, and consumers alike.


Executive Producer: Mat Skene. Senior Producer: Paul Sapin. Producer: Laila Al-Arian. Correspondent: Anjali Kamat. Camera: Tim Grucza, Andy Bowley. Editor: Warwick Meade.  Additional Camera: Joel Van Haren, Omar Mullick, Rana. Plaza Footage: Laura Gutierrez. Translation: Anuradha Hashemi. Sound Recordist: Masrur Rahman Masud. Additional production/research assistance: Nafeesa Syeed, Jonathan Klett, Mark Scialla, David Michaels, Omar Duwaji, Paul Abowd, Rezaur Rehman, Saydia Kamal, Drik.