Winner 2013

Fault Lines: Haiti in a Time of Cholera

Al Jazeera America

Following Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, a widespread cholera epidemic devastated an already shattered island nation, claiming nearly 8,000 lives and infecting more than half a million others. Al Jazeera America’s Fault Lines investigative team, led by reporter Sebastian Walker, cameraman Singeli Agnew and editor Warwick Meade, traveled to Haiti to follow the unfolding tragedy of this fatal illness. Their pursuit of accountability starts on the island but leads them to the United Nations’ headquarters in New York. Through relentless inquiry and a growing body of scientific evidence, they determined that the UN Stabilizing Mission peacekeepers almost certainly brought the disease into the country. Fault Lineschronicles the death and ongoing misery of cholera victims through its search for answers, while the people allegedly to blame for this outbreak are unwilling to acknowledge their responsibility. In the process, this investigative report provides victims with leverage in their fight for justice and opens avenues of redress for them. For its courageous investigation into an international health scandal, a Peabody Award goes to Fault Lines: Haiti in a time of Cholera.


Executive Producer: Mat Skene.
Senior Producer: Carrie Lozano. Producers: Sebastian Walker, Singeli Agnew, Jeremy Dupin. Correspondent: Sebastian Walker. Camera: Signeli Agnew. Editor: Warwick Meade.