Nominee 2022

El Deafo

Lighthouse Studios in association with APPLE + (Apple TV+)

El Deafo uses unique sound design to take viewers inside the experience of a young girl named Cece (voiced by Lexi Finigan, who is also deaf) as she loses her hearing and finds her inner superhero in this animated series based on the graphic novel by Cece Bell.


Creator: Cece Bell. Executive Producer: Cece Bell, Clint Eland, Claire Finn, Sara Bottfeld. Associate Producer/Producer: Martin Quaden. Director: Gilly Fogg. Writer: Cece Bell, Will McRobb. Editor: Mark Gilleece. Talent/Reporters/Correspondent: Lukose Missy, Despicable Missy, Mean Girl. Design and Technical Staff: Raimundas Gedgaudas, Emmet Griffin. Sound/Music: Ryn, Malte Bieler, Jesse Rosenman, Veronica Li.