Nominee 2021

Downing of a Flag

South Carolina ETV, Strategic Films, Susie Films

PBS’s two-part series delves into how the Confederate flag has affected the people, politics, and perception of South Carolina—and how this reflects America’s continued reckoning with its racial history.


Network/Station/Platform:  PBS. Creator:  Duane Cooper. Executive Producers:  Don Godish, Duane Cooper, Terry Alexander, Candy Fletcher, Eric Davis. Associate Producers/Producers:  Xavier Blake, Tyler Young, Jordan Snyder, Mark Freiburger, Gretchen Miller, Sheri Hirshman. Director:  Scott Hall Galloway. Editors:  Evan Vetter, Josh Swope. Design and Technical Staff:  Michael Heid, John Schroter, Kelvin Edwards, Luke Crawford, Jacob Piller, Tabitha Safdi. Cinematography:  William Ward, John Bujak, Brad Crosby, Zach Esters, Clay Loveless, Chris Olfers, Allen Watts. Sound/Music:  Fred Story, Steve Broxterman, Eric Chapman, Clyde Covington, Kevin Murray, Jay Ticer, Amile Wilson, Titus Davis.