Winner 1993

Document: The Unspeakable Atrocity

BBC Radio 4

During its deliberations, it became clear to the Peabody Board that rarely did we observe the news media looking inward to examine its role in the dissemination of information, and assessing its impact on events. An exception is this outstanding report by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Exhaustive archival research and interviews with BBC senior staffers by producer Nigel Acheson, along with writer and reporter Denys Blakeway, provided evidence that as early as June 1942, the venerable BBC itself had specific information regarding Nazi extermination activities. In addition, they uncovered patterns of anti-Semitism that kept this information from those whose lives were directly at risk, as well as those who could have interceded. For a riveting and important self-examination, a Peabody to Document: The Unspeakable Atrocity.