Winner 1985

Do You Remember Love?

CBS Entertainment, Dave Bell Productions

Recognition of exceptional quality has long been the credo of the Peabody Awards. This year, as members of the Peabody Board met to consider selections, they shared the viewing of a program which, in their opinion, met every test for Peabody recognition. Do You Remember Love tells the touching story of a college professor, still young in her fifties, who undergoes the agony of Alzheimer’s Disease. The impact of the disease—from its seemingly-innocuous early stages to the ravages of its advance state—is emotionally and accurately depicted. Particularly notable are the outstanding performances by a first-rate cast, including Joanne Woodward, Richard Kiley and Geraldine Fitzgerald. For providing many touching moments, which were all too real, and for the overall contribution of this effort to the apparently-diminishing ranks of excellence in television drama, a Peabody to CBS Entertainment and Dave Bell Productions for Do You Remember Love.