Winner 2015

Do Not Track

Upian, National Film Board of Canada, Arte, Bayerischer Rundfunk

Remember the old saying about “free lunch,” that there’s no such thing? It applies to the internet as well. As Brett Gaylor says on Do Not Track, “if you’re getting great news or funny videos for free, odds are someone is paying for information about you.” Do Not Track is an online documentary series that he conceived and produced about internet privacy and the web economy. With pithy, playful videos and interactive elements, Gaylor seeks to educate us about who may be monitoring us online and how much private information professionals, called “trackers,” can glean and extrapolate from even our most trivial or routine internet activities. The videos cover topics from online profiling to the science behind cookies to the hazards of a “filter bubble,” the internet equivalent of cable news’ echo chamber. The website offers personalized services as well: Share a bit of info and it will show you what the web knows about you, somewhat like a credit report except that it presents your unique digital self. For performing a public service much of the public doesn’t know it needs, Do Not Track receives a Peabody Award.


Showrunner, Director, Editor: Brett Gaylor. Writers: Brett Gaylor, Vincent Glad, Richard Gutjahr, Zineb Dryef, Sandra Rodriguez, Virginie Raisson. Original Music: Jason Staczeck. Production (UPIAN): Margaux Missika, Alexandre Brachet, Gregory Trowbridge. Artistic Direction (UPIAN): Sébastien Brothier. Technical Direction & Web Development (Upian): Nicolas Menet, Maxime Quintard. Romain Avalle. Animation: Jérôme Gonçalvès, Darren Pasemko. Editorial Consultant: Eric Drier. Commissioning Editors (Arte-France): Marianne Lévy-Leblond, Alexander Knetig. Commissioning Editors (BR): Thomas Sessner, Christian Daubner, Rebecca Smit. Editorial & Project Management (BR): Christiane Miethge, Sandra Marsch. Research (BR): Wolfie Christl. Producer (NFB): Louis-Richard Tremblay. Executive Producer (NFB): Hugues Sweeney. Head of Production (NFB): Marie-Pier Gauthier. Editorial Manager (NFB): Valérie Darveau. Producer (AKUFEN): Stéphanie Emond. Creative Direction (AKUFEN): Bruno Choinière, Guillaume Braun. Art Director (AKUFEN): Catherine Marois. Designer (AKUFEN): Valentin Peslerbe. Director, Interactive Production(AKUFEN): Christian Lebel. Web Developer (AKUFEN): Romain Prache.