Winner 1990

Dick Feagler Commentaries


The message is, of course, what is important. But just watching Dick Feagler deliver his commentaries four nights weekly on WKYC-TV, Cleveland, is great television. Waiting for his “zinger” when he symbolically “twists the knife” as he develops a problem of great importance looking for a solution is time well spent. His incisive way of getting to the heart of a problem or situation quickly and clearly sets Dick Feagler apart. The entry from which submitted his commentaries for Peabody consideration used this sentence: “Cleveland takes time to listen to what Dick Feagler has to say.” Members of the Peabody Board found it easy to understand why. For his contributions to the citizens of Cleveland who regularly take time to listen, a Peabody Award goes to Dick Feagler Commentaries.


Commentator: Dick Feagler. Producer: David Duitch. Writer: Dick Feagler.