Winner 2010

Degrassi: My Body Is A Cage

Epitome Pictures Inc., TeenNick, Much Music

In its 30-year history Degrassi has become an institution noted for its focus on topics common to young people. As self-described, Degrassi “has honestly depicted issues of love, and love lost, betrayal, death, violence, pregnancy, rape, sexual identity, blended family, mental health, sex, drugs, and yes, even rock ‘n’ roll.” This key word is “honestly.” Degrassi‘s honesty comes from good stories, outstanding writing and performances and plenty of humor. “My Body Is A Cage” is no exception. Adam/Gracie, beautifully portrayed by Jordan Todosey, is a female to male transgendered teen. “I’m a guy…but I was born in a girl’s body.” The implications of this reality are explored without sensationalism. Adam’s struggle within his own family, his embarrassment by bullies, his revelations to understanding friends — these situations create explanations for young viewers who can become more fully aware of multiple realities around them. Other stories add layers to Adam’s narrative. How does a family cope with a mother’s cancer? How are teachers’ lives as real as a student’s own? How does a friend help someone who’s hurting? Degrassi has earned the trust to treat such issues with care and concern for its viewers as well as its characters. For those reasons Degrassi: My Body Is A Cage receives a Peabody Award.


Executive producers: Linda Schuyler, Stephen Stohn, Brendon Yorke. Co-executive producer: Sarach Glinski. Producers: Stefan Brogren, David Lowe, Stephanie Willams. Directors: Phil Earnshaw, Pat Williams, Sturla Gunnarsson, Stefan Brogren, Eleanore Lindo, Samir Rehem, Mario Azzopardi, Stefan Scani Writers: Brendon, Yorke, Sarah Glinski, Duana Taha, Cole Bastedo, Matt Huether, Michael Grassi, Lauren Gosnell, James Hurst, Shelly Scarrow, Vera Santamaria. Cast: Stefan Brogren, Charlotte Arnold, Raymond Ablack, Samantha Munro, Sam Earle, Jajube Mandiela, Argiris Karras, AJ Saudin, Melinda Shankar, Aislinn Paul, Annie Clarke, Jessica Tyler, Jahmil French, Jordan Todosey, Luke Bilyk, Munro Chambers, Alicia Josipovic, Cory Lee, Spencer Van Wyck, Shannon Kook-Chun. Director of photography: Alwyn J. Kumst, CSC. Editors: Jason B. Irvine, Gordon Thorne.