Winner 1959


WGBH-TV, World Affairs Council of Boston

Television Education: In a series of eight panel discussions, Decisions, WGBH-TV, Boston, has focused the intelligent interest of New England communities upon the most pressing and contentious problems of our day. Each week a fresh panel of authorities in the international field comes to grips with a particular issue, and while the argument is in progress, the listening groups, from Maine to Martha’s Vineyard, who have already been supplied with source material, are telephoning in their questions and perplexities which are relayed to the moderator and answered on the spot. Listeners in libraries, homes, schools, estimated at 100,000 persons, participate in this town meeting on the world’s crises. The program was originated by the late Brigadier General Henry Parkman, in cooperation with the Foreign Policy Association, and is presently moderated by Mr. Christian A. Herter, Jr., president of the World Affairs Council in Boston. Decisions is television on the local level at its best. In recognition, this Peabody Award, which is to be shared by WGBH-TV and the World Affairs Council of Boston.