Winner 1989


MTV Networks

While seemingly everyone pieced together an end of decade review for airing in late 1989, each worked with the same pieces. Thus, it was often difficult to separate one from another. Decade was the exception. It looked and sounded like no other retrospective, interlaced as it was with video segments, rock music, and so-called “witnesses” (ranging from Spike Lee to Roseanne Barr) who interjected their observations of events. This study of the 80s and its icons stands out as visually and aurally fresh, vibrant, and innovative and takes advantage of television’s potential for creating high impact images and leaving indelible prints on its viewers. Linda Corradina and her producers have created new ways of looking at events and placing them into a social perspective. This may be the visual technique of the 1990s that we are seeing here. For re-creating the retrospective as a unique television form, a Peabody Award to MTV Networks for Decade.