Winner 1991

Great Performances: Dance in America: Everybody Dance Now!


In this exuberant program popular dance is given an historical context and the often overlooked choreographer is paid tribute. Historical footage of the early influential Motown acts and choreographers is integrated with popular music videos and interviews with some of today’s biggest stars to illustrate that dance is not just an embellishment for selling records, but an art in its own right with a long and distinguished heritage. Executive producer Jac Venza, producer/director Margaret Selby and Writer Jennifer Dunning bring modern choreographers out from behind the scenes to discuss their work and provide insight into an often overlooked creative force—the heart and soul of most music videos. To Dance In America: Everybody Dance Now! produced by Thirteen/WNET, a 1991 Peabody Award.


Executive Producer: Jac Venza. Producer: Margaret Selby. Director: Margaret Selby. Writer: Jennifer Dunning. Performer: Paula Abdul, Hammer, James Brown.