Winner 2007

Craft in America

Craft in America, Inc.

“Craft” is a term packed with many meanings. This series of three interrelated, one-hour programs sets out to unpack those meanings and to explore the history and continuing significance of craft work. Each of the three topics provides unusually specific focus for this task. “Memory” examines the history of craft movements in America. “Landscape” situates craft and craft workers both geographically and in terms of the materials used in creative activities. “Community” again places people and objects within contexts, in this case the very special networks of schools, mentors, pioneers and practitioners. But all this conceptual elaboration is presented through the most exquisite visual framing, the focus on the works themselves. Clay rises on the wheel, formed into pots. Glass melts into stunning shapes, fiber is woven into fabric, scraps of cloth are sewn into quilts. The treat for the viewer is in what is seen, in watching beautiful objects emerge, and what is said, as craft makers explain what it means to be so intimately involved in these creative endeavors. For examining processes as old as human experience and as fresh and vibrant as the latest local craft fair, a Peabody Award goes to Craft in America.


Executive producers: Carol Sauvion, Kyra Thompson. Directors: Nigel Noble, Daniel Seeger, Hillary Birmingham. Writer: Kyra Thompson. Web designer: Lloyd Solly. Photography: Don Lenzer, Peter Pilafian, Allan Palmer.