Gavel to Gavel Coverage of the Rodney King Trial


For eight weeks in the spring of 1992, residents of southern California intensely followed the criminal trial of four Los Angeles police officers accused of beating motorist Rodney King as they anxiously awaited the verdict. Recognizing the precedent-setting nature of the trial and its impact on greater Los Angeles, one local station made the proceedings the focus of its programming. In providing gavel-to-gavel coverage, managing editor Larry Croner, field producers Myra Ming and Patrick Perez, anchor Chris Harris and reporters Dave Bryan and Jane Wells provided a unique look at the dynamics of the American justice system, for good and ill. Where other media organizations searched for sound bites or spotlighted only the sensational, KTTV let the facts of the case and their presentation before a Simi Valley speak for themselves. For providing a vital public service at a critical time of audience need, a Peabody Award to KTTV.