Winner 1992

Coverage of the Los Angeles Riots


On April 29, 1992, the non-guilty verdicts in the Rodney King trial of four Los Angeles police officers sparked a four-day rebellion that devastated the city of Los Angeles. Local station KJLH-FM is located in the Crenshaw district, the heart of what became the largest urban civil disturbance in America in more than a century. As burning and looting literally surrounded the station, KJLH abandoned its usual music format- including commercials- and became a lifeline for its listeners. KJLH not only reported events but also opened up its phone lines for listeners to vent their outrage and frustration with the verdicts and the rebellion. This sensitivity, keen insight, and care and concern for the community’s well-being provided a local public service of inestimable value. For this, a Peabody is presented to KJLH radio.


Producer: Carl Nelson.