Coverage of the Judge Clarence Thomas Confirmation

National Public Radio

This past year will long be remembered as the time the American public was forced to grapple with the incendiary topic of sexual harassment in the workplace. Bringing this issue to the fore was Nina Totenberg’s groundbreaking, comprehensive coverage of the Judge Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation proceedings for National Public Radio. NPR’s gavel-to-gavel coverage of the events, including the revelation that allegations of sexual harassment against Judge Thomas by law professor, Anita Hill, had been ignored by the Senate Judiciary Committee, represents the pinnacle of journalistic tenacity and integrity. For The Coverage of the Judge Clarence Thomas Confirmation, a 1991 Peabody to National Public Radio.


Executive Producers: Robert Ferrante, Ellen Weiss. Producers: Nina Totenberg, Bruce Drake. Writer: Nina Totenberg. Reporter: Nina Totenberg. Editor: Bruce Drake.