Institutional 1990

Institutional Award: Cable News Network (CNN) for Its Coverage of the Persian Gulf War

Cable News Network

In scarcely more than a decade, CNN has matured from a cable curiosity to become an international service of inestimable importance. Never was that role more visible than in its coverage of the Persian Gulf crisis. CNN was on the scene before the events of August, 1990; its network of correspondents, editors and photographers covered the events as they continued, from Operation Desert Shield to Desert Storm. This extensive, 24-hour coverage from the scene, from world capitals and from important domestic locations, provided unmatched breaking news to a global audience. For providing an invaluable service in time of international crisis, a Peabody Award to Cable News Network for its unique coverage of the Persian Gulf crisis.


Executive Producers: Ted Turner, Bob Furnad, Eason Jordan, Will King.