Winner 1989

CNN’s Coverage of China

Cable News Network

In scarcely ten years, Cable News Network has moved from cable curiosity to the channel of record in television news. Never was that maturity more apparent than in its coverage of the tumultuous and tragic events in China in the spring of 1989. While news organizations around the world responded quickly to the infamous events in and around Tiananmen Square, CNN was distinguished by its extensive background reports by correspondent Mike Chinoy, which aired long in advance of the massacre. The Chinese government recognized the importance of the network by disconnecting CNN’s satellite uplink on May 20, a symbol of repression seen worldwide and an ominous foreshadow of the tragic events to follow. CNN stayed on the scene through the army assault on June 3-4, the summary arrests of student demonstrators, and the subsequent executions. For television coverage of international importance and particular courage, a Peabody Award to Cable News Network for Coverage of China.