Coverage of Boston Marathon Bombings

WBZ-TV, WBZ Newsradio 1030

Out in force to cover the annual marathon, both WBZ-TV and Newsradio 1030 had a journalistic advantage when the bombs detonated. WBZ-TV was the only local TV station covering the entirety of the race, positioning them to show the nation the unfolding tragedy from the beginning. Newsradio 1030 was also covering the event and switched to wall-to-wall coverage of the bombing scene and manhunt shortly after the explosions. They worked seamlessly with sister station WBZ-TV to contact sources in law enforcement and public safety to piece together what had just happened. Reporters from both stations spent hour after hour on the air providing wide-ranging, enterprising coverage of the casualties, the suspects and the intense, nerve-wracking manhunt. Reporters remained professional throughout and continued to do their job despite being clearly affected by the devastating events in their hometown. For becoming crucial go-to sources, not just for their city but for a stunned nation, WBZ-TV and WBZ Newsradio 1030 receive a Peabody Award.


WBZ-TV: WBZ-TV News Staff

WBZ Radio: Director of News and Programming: Peter Casey. Assistant Program Director: Bill Flaherty. Assistant News Director: Jon Maclean. Senior Vice President/Market Manager: Mark Hannon. Editors: Peter Lagace; Kate Gallagher; David Mager; Fausto Menard; Ed Golden; Suzanne Sausville. Anchors/Reporters/Talent: Joe Mathieu; Deb Lawler; Laurie Kirby; Rod Fritz; Diane Stern; Anthony Silva; Don Huff; Mary Blake; Karen Twomey; Carl Stevens; Mark Katic; Kim Tunnicliffe; Doug Cope; Lana Jones; Bernice Corpuz; Dan Rea; Bradley Jay; Ben Parker; Jeff Brown; Mike Macklin; Mina Greene; Art Cohen; Adam Kaufman; Walt Perkins; Tom Cuddy. Writers/Producers: Jay Borselle; Chris Citorik; Bob Clarke; Drew Moholland; Garo Hagopian; Reynold Joesph; Mike Epstein; Jay Gates; Josh Comeau; Alex Mason; Brian Antonelli; Rob Brooks; Casey O’Donnell; Mark Lovallo; Michael Coleman; victor Ramos.